Governance has to be about strengthening performance, not just compliance

We help boards improve their performance and the internal governance they rely on. For us it’s all about helping boards make complex organisations work better. And so make a difference to directors, employees and stakeholders.

We do this through our board evaluation services. We have different options including interviews or our questionnaire-based board evaluation software Thinking Board®.

We work with boards across all types of organisations with different governance objectives: listed companies, unlisted subsidiaries, public sector bodies,regulators, pension fund trustee boards, membership bodies…

We are thought leaders. Our thinking is structured around the Independent Audit Board Effectiveness Model.

We have offices in London, Brussels and Dublin and a representative in Asia.

We also provide other services to help boards and audit committee make sure audit, risk management and compliance are working effectively – through interviews or questionnaires. We are a leading provider of internal audit effectiveness reviews.


Interview-Based External Board Evaluation

Independent board evaluation with interviews is our most thorough approach.  Our interview-based board evaluations produce a report that is tailored to your Board.  It’s about you. And face-to-face discussions mean we can bring out what really matters.

But it’s not just interviews.  We review board papers and observe meetings to see how your Board works in practice – aspects of our work that many clients find particularly useful.

An interview-based board review will give you maximum insight and result in practical suggestions for how your Board and committees can develop further.


Board evaluation interview
Board Evaluation Questionnaire

Externally-Facilitated Review with Board Evaluation Questionnaire

You might not be ready for a full interview-based board effectiveness review.  If that’s the case, our questionnaire-based evaluation will meet your needs for an external review.

With this approach, we use our online evaluation tool, Thinking Board®.  You conduct a self-assessment using our questionnaires and we analyse the results, write the report and discuss our findings with the Board directly.

This all adds up to a thorough external review that brings a lot more value than you might expect from a self-assessment.  It makes it quick and easy, but it’s still rigorous.


Board Evaluation Software

If it’s the first time you’re conducting a board review and want to get started on the right track, or you’re not required to have an external board evaluation, then our online questionnaire self-assessment board evaluation tool, Thinking Board® is a good alternative.

Or perhaps you want a three-year follow-up approach.  Many organisations are now looking for ways to follow up on their external Board review with a self-assessment progress check.  This might be with a specific questionnaire looking at actions from the external board evaluation.

Thinking Board® is quick, easy to use, gives you an overview report and clearly highlights what is or is not working well.


Board evaluation questionnaire online software tool Thinking Board